22 January 2012

Review : LT Pro Eye Liner

This one is my favorite after Lancome Khol Noir Black,
i saved my lancome for special occasion heheh, bit pricey to playing around with.
Been using this eyeliner for almost a year now.

I like it because :
- Creamy, i like eyeliner that more creamy, easy to applied
- Intensify Black
- Doesn't have a weird smell
- Cheap (IDR 50.000)
- Waterproof , used it for like 6 hours and won't crease or smudge

what i don't like :
- need to sharpen, you have to carry sharpener everywhere, kinda troublesome.

 LT Pro is a local brand, but the eyeliner were manufactured in Germany.


  1. mei...titip yah... klo pas ke "new market" :D

  2. I also owned this for over a year
    doesn't stay on my oily eyelids, and it smudges easily ):

    anyway, i have a make up contest going on, mind to join it? :D

    1. just check the contest, so gonna entering it. wish me luck :D