15 January 2012

Review : Exoticon Softlens - Ice No.9

Introduced you my new blue lens, never had them before.
so excited, try them on in my new make up project :D
and btw this is my favourite brand, Exoticon.

Love them for :
- really moist
- cheap (IDR 60)
- 6 months wearable
- comfortable
- vibrant enough to pop out your eyes *love that for sure.

* 2 tones disposable
* 6 months supplies
* 42% water content
* 58% polyhema
* Base curve 8.60mm
* Diameter 14.5mm
* Power range : 0.00D - 6.00D[Step 0.25D]

I'm gonna wear it for my friend wedding this week.
since i'm the one who took their party photo, i can't wear my glasses.

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