10 January 2012

Make Up Review : Sephora Eye Primer

A gift from my friend when she's back for holiday from US, *thank you San :*
She bought me this Sephora Eye Primer. so small, easy to carry with.
somehow when you apply it on your lid, it's so hard to put eyeshadow on it
compare with too faced shadow insurance or urban decay primer potion.
it's sticky on your lid, make it so hard to blend eye shadow base.


  1. lucky you, despite of the result, your friend have a good intention. :)
    if that what it is, sticky and the eyeshadow is hard to blend, reminds me of La Tulippe eye shadow base. Happy i found my holi grail eyeshadow base, aubeau :D

  2. @mada : heheh lucky me :D, she always give me a gift when she come to Indonesia for holiday.

    and yes, it's similiar to La Tulippe eye shadow base, i do have one.

    this aubeau shadow base, it's local?