31 January 2012


I just purchased eyelashes from ebay week ago, and this is my first time doing it.
Actually it's was so easy shopping at Ebay, still you need to check buyer reputation to avoid scam or fraud.
I bought pack of lashes *a lot i guess (9 packs :D ) and POP Beauty eyeshadow palette in a cute cute packaging to die for. i got free shipping for my eyelashes from hongkong and a rational shipping fee from US for my eyeshadow palette. And now all i need to do sit tightly and pray it won't stuck in post office due to tax regulations, although i don't spend over 50USD, I do still worries about it.

In case you wonder how it's looks like here some sneak peak

so, can't hardly wait now. it might takes 20 days to arrive i guess


  1. The pop packaging is definitely cute :) hope it'll arrive safely right in front your door :)

    anyway your new follower, nice to meet you^^