31 January 2012


I just purchased eyelashes from ebay week ago, and this is my first time doing it.
Actually it's was so easy shopping at Ebay, still you need to check buyer reputation to avoid scam or fraud.
I bought pack of lashes *a lot i guess (9 packs :D ) and POP Beauty eyeshadow palette in a cute cute packaging to die for. i got free shipping for my eyelashes from hongkong and a rational shipping fee from US for my eyeshadow palette. And now all i need to do sit tightly and pray it won't stuck in post office due to tax regulations, although i don't spend over 50USD, I do still worries about it.

In case you wonder how it's looks like here some sneak peak

so, can't hardly wait now. it might takes 20 days to arrive i guess

Smokie Choco

Create this look using Urban Decay Naked Palette 1
love this palette, won't crease stay perfectly all day.

30 January 2012

Sponsored : Circle Lens Online Shop PinkyParadise

Looking for a Circle Lens to complete your look like this??
it's a Gyaru or Ulzzang Style, with a big anime eyes
lots of lashes, black eyeliner and add it with brown hair / wig
and voila!!!

In order to look like this, the most essentials part is you need to exaggerate your eyes,
and it can be done by putting on Circle Lens / Soft Lens that pop out vibrant colour
with big diameter on it.

You can buy this circle lens from PinkyParadise online shop, it's shipping from Malaysia
they are selling a lot of brand : Barbie (Candy Magic), EOS, Barbie Eye, DollyEye, Geo Medical, etc.
uUsing FedEx to shipping this lens, and they have free worldwide express shipping over $130
if you just bought 1 or 2, it will send via International Registered Airmail ($5.00)

Since i got sponsored from them, you can buy your Circle Lens with a lot of benefit.
all you got to do just put on promo code when you check out / buying


By entering this coupon code you'll get :
1. FREE cute animal lens case PLUS mystery gifts >.<
2. The coupon code can be stacked, If you purchase 3 pairs, you will get 3 lens case plus 3 mystery gifts.
3. A minimum of 1 lens purchased to activate the code.
4. The code has NO expired dates :)

So guys, what are you waiting for, get your lovely contact lens from PinkyParadise.
and happy experimenting with your looks into Gyaru, ulzzang, or cosplay with
this anime eyes or big eyes color lens.

Bazaar at HelloFest8

Been so busy lately preparing for this february 4th.
I'm gonna open my online shop at HelloFest, Balai Kartini this week,
so i kinda neglected  blog.  I Promise will do more review and make up project soon.
i already have the file, too lazy to post on a blog.

so, about my shop. i have a small online shop, well..
i sell imported fashion from Hong Kong, Thailand, Korea, etc
and also some beauty products :), here's my shop link for :
1. fashion clothes
2. beauty cosmetics

if you happen going to hellofest on that day, please drop by and say hello.
I will be at Booth B-17, its open from 10am-9pm.
in case if you don't know what hello fest is, click this link to find out more about them

22 January 2012

Review : LT Pro Eye Liner

This one is my favorite after Lancome Khol Noir Black,
i saved my lancome for special occasion heheh, bit pricey to playing around with.
Been using this eyeliner for almost a year now.

I like it because :
- Creamy, i like eyeliner that more creamy, easy to applied
- Intensify Black
- Doesn't have a weird smell
- Cheap (IDR 50.000)
- Waterproof , used it for like 6 hours and won't crease or smudge

what i don't like :
- need to sharpen, you have to carry sharpener everywhere, kinda troublesome.

 LT Pro is a local brand, but the eyeliner were manufactured in Germany.

January Haul

Gonna review it soon * I promise :D

Item List :
- Caring Loose Powder
- PAC Shimmering Powder for Face
- PAC Blush
- PAC Creamy Foundation
- PAC Sparkling Powder
- PAC Two way cake
- NYX glitter
- Wardah Chocolate lip palette

all this items are Indonesia Local brand, except NYX

Papa Smurf Tee

Silly me posing with my papa smurf tee
he is just to adorable

Flat Shoes Gift

2012 gift : few pairs of new shoes :D
lucky enough this year, being so blessed.
i got a lot of gift

Taiwan Lashes

I really can't get enough with lashes, instantly pop up your eyes
and can bring a max result to your make up.
Rock on lashes :D

bought this lashes for only IDR 30.000 each box
- nice quality
- firm on the root
- reusable
- cheap

Dolly Eyes

natural lashes love this one

Ciciero Bags

Fell in love with this bag, Indonesia Designer bags.
good quality and nice designs :D
the good part it's so big to fit anything in it.

20 January 2012

Chinese Beauty Blogger

I don't know how i ended up at her blog, since i can't read mandarin.
but to tell you, this girl do have some skill, a good one in fact.
You really need to check her before after make up photo, so stunning!
It were like completely different person on that photo.

here some of her phenomenal photo :

Hawaiian girl tutorial here

himekawa tsubasa look a like, check her tutorial here

Can you see the comparison from the photo above?, 
not one look, but she pulling out different look with different style.
oh and btw, she is using Misha BB cream, looks flawless and white.

my favourite it's photo number 4, she looks like Angelina Jolie.
darn girl, you do have some skills.

16 January 2012

Review : Vietnam's Pack of Eyelashes

This is super cheap, i mean it, really really cheap!
and I got this baby for only IDR 18.000 (2 USD),
this package contains 10 pair of lashes in good quality.

Bought this from Ben Thanh Market at Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City.
you'll find one little store, only sell false lashes and glue, on first floor, forgot the store name la.
It was so cheap that i'm afraid i will get scam on this, so i just got 2 packs :(
but turn out it's really good, and btw it was made in Vietnam.
If you do travel there, you should buying like 10 packs :D

- So Natural
- Can use it for several times
- Firm on the root, make it easy to applied
- Super CHEAP

Make Up Project : 20 Minutes Make Up

Another casual make up, 20 minutes to get this look.

How About on Short Hair ??