27 December 2011

Sari Ayu Beauty Class

a late posting, just found the file in my flash disk,
well, better late than never :D

the story begins when i check my twitter timeline,
from @sariayu_mt announced that they will held
a beauty class, since on that date i got nothing to do,
so i decided to enter the class, never been to puspita martha school before.
a well known beauty school on Jakarta, Indonesia.

About Puspita Martha
"Established by Dr. Martha Tilaar in 1970 at Jakarta, Puspita Martha International Beauty School has been developing as the prominent and renowned beauty school in Indonesia. The school plays an important and impeccable role providing professionals and skilled man. Now Puspita Martha’s Alumnus works as creative and independent entrepreneurs in Indonesia and overseas as well."

 IDR : 50.000, includes :
- sariayu product voucher worth 40.000
- certificate *yeah, i lost mine, damn it
- snack box *well, i came late so, i didn't get my cup of tea, nevermind.

crowded class, i guess it's almost 100 beauty junkie in there

Beauty tools they provide

contains : foundation, moisturizer, cleanser and toner (in mini travel size)
and we can take that home with us
Note : i was allergic to the foundation, so itchy.

see how small the sample :D

the palette beauty tool, *you cannot take this baby home :(

after the beauty class session done (it takes about 2.5hours),
they will pick 3 most pretty make over, and
reward them a souvenir from sari ayu. then we all say goodbye,
and headed to their ministore *remember, we have IDR 40.000 worth voucher ;P
I bought mujisat mata kejora A.K.A eyeshadow & lipstick remover, bit oily but it cleans well.
the mini store, crowded and packed. goshhhh!!
tips : do buy before the class start, it's too crowded after the class over.
i got so frustrated since a lot of them won't queuing 

Will i attend sariayu class again? i'm afraid not.
prefer private class, with 100 student in 1 class & 1 teacher?
i don't think you will learn a lot, but you do make a new friends :)

from what i recall they teach us :
1. how to clean our face
2. how to massage
3. how to moisturize
4. how to put on foundation + make up
5. this one is the best, they teach you : how to appreciate yourself, by rewarding yourself a good skin routine. because everyone is beauty for now and then *i cannot copy the exact quote, the point is, everyone is a beautiful and always beautiful.

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