22 December 2011

Review : Bihadashi, Spots Eraser Concealer

Bought this from Sasa, BIHADASHI - Spots Eraser Concealer
Naris Up Bihadashi Spot Eraser is a pencil type spot concealer,
It can cover up dark spots and acne correctly.

This concealer contains a perfect fit Blending Powder,
so your cover-up will look natural and last for long hour.
It feels very smooth but it quickly erases freckles and pimple efficiently

This product also contains Arbutin (skin lighting agent) and Vitamin C derivatives for moisturizing your skin.
You will feel easy and stable. Convenient roll-up type.
Non-fragrant, Medium Ochre Color

  • Camouflage Concealing
    Making use of light reflection, it conceals the spots with soft focusing effect, giving you a natural even skin color look. Especially suitable for Asian skin colors.
  • Evens skin tone
    With densely packed concealer powder to conceal the unevenness of skin tone with the help of light reflection, making all the flaws virtually invisible.
  • Skincare effects
    Whitens and moisturizes with ingredients like arbutin & vitamin C.
  • Fine Pen Tip
    For easy & accurate correction of spots. 

After make-up base, let it 2mm of lids out and apply on spots.
- For small spots or acne's: apply light touch and then blur out with fingers gently.
- For big spots: apply gently, but foam deep into the spot to cover in. Then blur out with fingers gently.

Country Origin : Japan
Price : 79 $HKD (Rp. 94.800)

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