22 December 2011

Make Up Review : Wardah "Perfect Red Lip" Palette

My sister bought me this lip palette, from Wardah Cosmetics,
it's an Indonesia local cosmetics brand.
i think it's around Rp. 40.000 (4.3 US$)

Wardah products are made with only premium all natural, halal and safe ingredients. With Wardah, woman can still feel cherished and comfortable.
Asian women are blessed with beautiful but more delicate skin, compared to European or American women. The outer dermis is thinner, therefore it becomes more sensitive and susceptible to external factors. This merely fact is sufficient to be our foundation that Indonesian women need skin care products with complete and thorough protection.
Wardah combines advanced technology, international dermatologist standard formula and premium all-natural ingredients. Every process are supervised by our vastly experienced pharmacist and dermatologist Before launching a product, it is our responsibility to conduct a blind test to finalize the safety of our products. Because skin safety is a high priority to Wardah.
Wardah products are soft, perfectly formulated and don’t contain Hydroquinon

The first image of Wardah as cosmetics for Moslem women, branded as a Halal Cosmetics.
but i think lotsa people tried their product, they are sponsoring event, make up for tv show or
tv news. I haven't try their other product yet, but i just instantly fell in love with their lip palette.

why i love it :
- it moist
- the color so vibrant
- traveling pocket size
- 8 wearable colour for any occasion
- affordable
- safe for my sensitive lips, doesn't itchy or swollen my lips

what i don't like :
- the brush, so hard to apply the lipstick, you might want to try other brush
- glossy look, i prefer matte lipstick.

#4 it's my favourite (i have a white/pale skin)

SWATCH on the lips :
- Canon PS A540
- Indoor Lighting
- auto mode on camera


  1. Nomor 5 sama 6 bagus warnanya :)
    Jadi tertarik buat beli..hehehe
    Thank you for the swatches and review :)

  2. i have wardah new palette, more nude colour. gonna review it soon

  3. Vow.. its really great.. I like all the shades in this palette.

  4. I have been using Wardah Hydrogloss for quite a long time and I want to try the nude shade..
    I'm looking forward to the nude palette review :)
    Or did you write it?
    If so, I couldn't find it :D

    Thank you for the review.

  5. Ohh i love 4,5, and 6! Love how u make different look with your lips haha cutee!

  6. 4,5,6 bagus..
    hampir sama tapi ya, hehe