26 December 2011

Make Up Project : Fake Lashes using Liquid Eyeliner

I didn't put on any falshes in this make up,
just painting a little bit of liquid eyeliner to create falshes illusion.
for those who don't like using false eye lashes this might be your option :D
what you have to do : paint it patiently to achieve falshes effect.

in this make up i'm using green pigment eyeshadow and a little bit highlight
for the corner of my eyes, and to make your eyes bigger, draw your
lower lash a little bit away from your real one.

make up ingredients :
liquid eyeliner : Sari ayu
Green e/s : PAC
lemon light e/s : Sari ayu
lipstick : Lancome
Eyebrow pencil : thebodyshop
Blush : thebodyshop #2
Camera : Canon compact digital Power Shot A540