26 December 2011

Christmas Haul

last week , i shop at Yves Rocher, Taman Anggrek.
been wondering about the Elixir Serum, while few months back
when i purchased face scrub and body lotion (will review soon),
the BA gave me few sample of Elixir Serum. use it for almost 5 days
and the result : my face looks brighter and supple, love love.

so i bought :
- cure solutions, serum
- loose powder
- hydra specific day cream
- got few sample and one deodorant for free, love you Yves Rocher.

what i like about Yves Rocher , all their product is water based, they do sell make up product,
and also doing Facial treatment by appointment. Never try their make up before, maybe some other time,
i'll try it and review it for you guys. what i got on my list it's their concealer and eye pencil.

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