22 December 2011

BHCosmetics Make Up

Update : Dec 23 2011
:it's been 6 days now, haven't receive my tracking number nor
my shipping confirmation from BHcosmetics, already email them twice, leave message on facebook,
still no responds. Now i'm really worried!!

Read a lot of review that claim this palette so worth to try. (pigmented and soft)
So, 4 days ago, i purchased it online, and impatiently waiting for my package,
but however, I haven't received my tracking number yet from them, so kinda nervous.
purchased date : Dec 18th 2011

 tempting colour right?

not just the palette that review worth to try,
also said that their brush has a good quality especially the blending brush.

oh and btw, their website layout so colourful and pretty :)
and recently their are giving 45% off until 25 December 2011
you might want to check their website.


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