30 December 2011

Make Up Project : Prewedding Photo Shoot

i was asked to do a make up for prewedding photo shoot,
so here one of make up that i create before the day :D

klik on the picture to zoom

Make up ingredients :
- skinfood peach sake serum
- hadalabo lotion
- TBS concealer
- TBS foundation #2
- shimmer : skinfood

- Borjuis blue sky glitter eye liner
- cirlce lens n7 mint, exoticon
- taiwan false lashes
- maybelline gel eye liner
- sasa, black pencil eyeliner
- e/s base : sephora
- e/s : nyx palette S117
- eyebrow : bodyshop brow kit
- inner lid highlight : NYX jumbo pencil (pots & pants)

- blush : TBS matte #3
- bronzer : Nyx

- Wardah lip palette (red lip collection ) #6

December Giveaway Winner

Sorry kinda late, but here we go........ *drummmm rolllllll
and the winner for my November Giveaway is..... *drummmm rolllllll

Congratulations to :

bipbipbiptarie@ rocketmail.com

i will contact the winner by email :D,
thanks for entering this contest.

i still have other giveaway, you can check my
right banner at the top. Good Luck guys :)

27 December 2011

Sari Ayu Beauty Class

a late posting, just found the file in my flash disk,
well, better late than never :D

the story begins when i check my twitter timeline,
from @sariayu_mt announced that they will held
a beauty class, since on that date i got nothing to do,
so i decided to enter the class, never been to puspita martha school before.
a well known beauty school on Jakarta, Indonesia.

About Puspita Martha
"Established by Dr. Martha Tilaar in 1970 at Jakarta, Puspita Martha International Beauty School has been developing as the prominent and renowned beauty school in Indonesia. The school plays an important and impeccable role providing professionals and skilled man. Now Puspita Martha’s Alumnus works as creative and independent entrepreneurs in Indonesia and overseas as well."

 IDR : 50.000, includes :
- sariayu product voucher worth 40.000
- certificate *yeah, i lost mine, damn it
- snack box *well, i came late so, i didn't get my cup of tea, nevermind.

crowded class, i guess it's almost 100 beauty junkie in there

Beauty tools they provide

contains : foundation, moisturizer, cleanser and toner (in mini travel size)
and we can take that home with us
Note : i was allergic to the foundation, so itchy.

see how small the sample :D

the palette beauty tool, *you cannot take this baby home :(

after the beauty class session done (it takes about 2.5hours),
they will pick 3 most pretty make over, and
reward them a souvenir from sari ayu. then we all say goodbye,
and headed to their ministore *remember, we have IDR 40.000 worth voucher ;P
I bought mujisat mata kejora A.K.A eyeshadow & lipstick remover, bit oily but it cleans well.
the mini store, crowded and packed. goshhhh!!
tips : do buy before the class start, it's too crowded after the class over.
i got so frustrated since a lot of them won't queuing 

Will i attend sariayu class again? i'm afraid not.
prefer private class, with 100 student in 1 class & 1 teacher?
i don't think you will learn a lot, but you do make a new friends :)

from what i recall they teach us :
1. how to clean our face
2. how to massage
3. how to moisturize
4. how to put on foundation + make up
5. this one is the best, they teach you : how to appreciate yourself, by rewarding yourself a good skin routine. because everyone is beauty for now and then *i cannot copy the exact quote, the point is, everyone is a beautiful and always beautiful.

Make Up Project : Sari Ayu Bena look a like

so here, i try to recreate Sari Ayu - Kelimutu Make up.

Since i haven't got my Kelimutu e/s collection, in exchange, i used my :
- Etude House - Aloha Palette
- urban decay potion primer,
- eyeliner : Lancome noir Khol.

btw, forgot to put on a mascara.
and pardon for my messy brow, haven't trim them yet. :D

26 December 2011

Sari Ayu 2012 e/s Collection

Gosh, the colour so vibrant. can't wait to try them on.
been so busy this week, haven't got a chance to hunt this e/s trio.
i think it's around Rp. 35.000 each. ( 4 US$)

for those who don't know SariAyu Brand from Martha Tilaar,
it's Indonesia local brand, focusing on vibrant and unique colour of 
Indonesia's culture, they created different theme every year.
and as it for next year, they were inspired by Nusa Tenggara, the colors of Asia

if you're looking for a palette, they have their 25th anniversary palette edition,
i do have one, and as usual, the colour so vibrant, i don't think you need any primer.

for 2012, they are launching 2 collection : Bena & Kelimutu

as for Bena
warm collection, inspired by the colours of Nusa Tenggara people culture

as for Kelimutu :
cool collection, inspired by the 3 colour lake at Nusa Tenggara (green, turquoise, blue)

I'm sorry i didn't sell any of these eye shadow, if you interested
you might want to check their online shop.
last time i check, they're still not in stock, *saddd :(

Christmas Haul

last week , i shop at Yves Rocher, Taman Anggrek.
been wondering about the Elixir Serum, while few months back
when i purchased face scrub and body lotion (will review soon),
the BA gave me few sample of Elixir Serum. use it for almost 5 days
and the result : my face looks brighter and supple, love love.

so i bought :
- cure solutions, serum
- loose powder
- hydra specific day cream
- got few sample and one deodorant for free, love you Yves Rocher.

what i like about Yves Rocher , all their product is water based, they do sell make up product,
and also doing Facial treatment by appointment. Never try their make up before, maybe some other time,
i'll try it and review it for you guys. what i got on my list it's their concealer and eye pencil.

Make Up Review : ROYAL False Eye Lashes

Bought this at Passer Baroe, a tourism landmark at Jakarta Pusat.
you can take Trans Jakarta (Busway) to get there.

Brand : royal
Price : Rp. 12.000 (+/- 1.5 US$)
eye lash : #362

what i like :
- so natural
- i use it more than 3 times, and it's still in good condition
- the roots so firm, so it's easy to applied
- come with nice packaging
- definitely repurchased 

Make Up Project : Fake Lashes using Liquid Eyeliner

I didn't put on any falshes in this make up,
just painting a little bit of liquid eyeliner to create falshes illusion.
for those who don't like using false eye lashes this might be your option :D
what you have to do : paint it patiently to achieve falshes effect.

in this make up i'm using green pigment eyeshadow and a little bit highlight
for the corner of my eyes, and to make your eyes bigger, draw your
lower lash a little bit away from your real one.

make up ingredients :
liquid eyeliner : Sari ayu
Green e/s : PAC
lemon light e/s : Sari ayu
lipstick : Lancome
Eyebrow pencil : thebodyshop
Blush : thebodyshop #2
Camera : Canon compact digital Power Shot A540

Make Up Project : Purple Cat Eye

 eyeliner : sasa black pencil eyeliner
eye shadow : body shop 4 pallete shimmer
blush on : TBS fard a joues #2
soft lens : xcoticon grey
lipstick : lancome
foundation : skinfood mushroom #1

Camera : Canon compact digital Power Shot A540

Make Up Project : Cleopatra eye make up

check the before after eyemake up,
inspired by cleopatra make up.

Purple Wedges

lookieee, my purple wedges, bought this at Bali,
definitely local product A.K.A made in Indonesia.
It's only cost me Rp.80.000 (9 US$) , cheap lah.
love the ribbon that wrapping my legs, make it so feminine.
easy to walk with, and match perfectly with my favorite jeans

Giveaway : Jan - Feb 2012


here's my second giveaway (start januari , ends 29feb 2012 . make sure you enter on the right date)
bought this lovely bath gel, body butter and body gel from my previous trip to Phuket
it's a winnie the pooh series manufactured specially for Watsons, so cute and to die for, right? :)

For 3 Lucky Winner from Indonesia only, sorry guys :p

Simple rules, post your comment here with these rules :
1. you have to follow my blog through Google Friend Connect (check on the right side bar)
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the winner will be contact via email, so make sure your email address
Thank you so much for visiting and reading on my blog, love you guys :)

KKCenterHK Beauty Online shopping

Just found this website, while i'm searching for makeup tools,
and instantly fell in love, they shipped worldwide, have a lot of products
from false lashes, shadow palette, wig, concealer, etc with reasonable price.
although their website not well design, it's still easy to purchased beauty products
from them step by step.

KKCenterHK its Hongkong Online shop, so all your purchased will shipping from Hongkong,
usually it takes 7-10days to Indonesia. klik this link below to start shopping girls :)

22 December 2011

NYX Make Up Palette S117

Hoorayyyyyyyyy just arrived today, my NYX S117 Palette,
gonna doing some review and swatch soon.

Make Up Review : Wardah "Perfect Red Lip" Palette

My sister bought me this lip palette, from Wardah Cosmetics,
it's an Indonesia local cosmetics brand.
i think it's around Rp. 40.000 (4.3 US$)

Wardah products are made with only premium all natural, halal and safe ingredients. With Wardah, woman can still feel cherished and comfortable.
Asian women are blessed with beautiful but more delicate skin, compared to European or American women. The outer dermis is thinner, therefore it becomes more sensitive and susceptible to external factors. This merely fact is sufficient to be our foundation that Indonesian women need skin care products with complete and thorough protection.
Wardah combines advanced technology, international dermatologist standard formula and premium all-natural ingredients. Every process are supervised by our vastly experienced pharmacist and dermatologist Before launching a product, it is our responsibility to conduct a blind test to finalize the safety of our products. Because skin safety is a high priority to Wardah.
Wardah products are soft, perfectly formulated and don’t contain Hydroquinon

The first image of Wardah as cosmetics for Moslem women, branded as a Halal Cosmetics.
but i think lotsa people tried their product, they are sponsoring event, make up for tv show or
tv news. I haven't try their other product yet, but i just instantly fell in love with their lip palette.

why i love it :
- it moist
- the color so vibrant
- traveling pocket size
- 8 wearable colour for any occasion
- affordable
- safe for my sensitive lips, doesn't itchy or swollen my lips

what i don't like :
- the brush, so hard to apply the lipstick, you might want to try other brush
- glossy look, i prefer matte lipstick.

#4 it's my favourite (i have a white/pale skin)

SWATCH on the lips :
- Canon PS A540
- Indoor Lighting
- auto mode on camera

Giveaway : December 2011

the giveaway already closed, gonna pick the winner soon.
thank you for entering this giveaway guys :)


so excited, I'm doing my first giveaway and it's not open internationally,
maybe for my next giveaway :).

this is my giveaway prize :
1. ZA auto eyepencil (black) waterproof - worth Rp. 80.000
2. Olay Natural Light - worth Rp. 30.000
3. PAC blush on shade #3 - worth Rp. 45.000
Total Prize : Rp. 155.000

i bought all this giveaway by myself, didn't get sponsored by any kind of Cosmetics brand.

Rules :
1.only 1 winner
2. ends 26 Dec 2011
3. email me : "why you want to win this"

Best of luck guys, i will choose the best answer.

Review : Bihadashi, Spots Eraser Concealer

Bought this from Sasa, BIHADASHI - Spots Eraser Concealer
Naris Up Bihadashi Spot Eraser is a pencil type spot concealer,
It can cover up dark spots and acne correctly.

This concealer contains a perfect fit Blending Powder,
so your cover-up will look natural and last for long hour.
It feels very smooth but it quickly erases freckles and pimple efficiently

This product also contains Arbutin (skin lighting agent) and Vitamin C derivatives for moisturizing your skin.
You will feel easy and stable. Convenient roll-up type.
Non-fragrant, Medium Ochre Color

  • Camouflage Concealing
    Making use of light reflection, it conceals the spots with soft focusing effect, giving you a natural even skin color look. Especially suitable for Asian skin colors.
  • Evens skin tone
    With densely packed concealer powder to conceal the unevenness of skin tone with the help of light reflection, making all the flaws virtually invisible.
  • Skincare effects
    Whitens and moisturizes with ingredients like arbutin & vitamin C.
  • Fine Pen Tip
    For easy & accurate correction of spots. 

After make-up base, let it 2mm of lids out and apply on spots.
- For small spots or acne's: apply light touch and then blur out with fingers gently.
- For big spots: apply gently, but foam deep into the spot to cover in. Then blur out with fingers gently.

Country Origin : Japan
Price : 79 $HKD (Rp. 94.800)