16 November 2011

Review : Skin Food - BB Cream (Mushroom)

So, today i'm gonna review BB cream that i used for almost a year now,
i'm using Skin Food BBcream - Mushroom Multi Care SPF 20 PA+

It has triple function :
- whitening
- anti aging
- sun block

made in korea, 50gr

i really like this BB cream texture, it comes in 2 shade, #1 and #2,
for darker skin you can use the #2.

you can use this product as base without using any powder on it.
and you wont have this oily or sticky feeling around your face.
well has a bit weird mushroom smell, but after you apply it,
slowly the smell will fade away.

and this cream contains :
- skin friendly aloe
- mushroom extract (source of the weird smell :) )
- Adenosine
- Arbutin : help to improve the appearance of fine lines & promotes a brighter
- give more radiant complexion
- UV protection

How much   : IDR 300.000
Repurchase : Yes
Where         : all Skin Food Outlet

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