17 November 2011

Review : Exoticon softlens Ice N7 Green Mint

I Purchased this soft lens via online, after a long waiting
from this unrecommended seller *will put on that story later.

so here how its look on my eye.

      i used mint

So here's my verdict :
1. cheap, only IDR 69.000
2. kinda difficult to wear it, i guess the lens kinda mushy/fluffy, so i find it so hard to put it on
3. can't wear too long, makes my eyes feel tired *can you see the redness in my eyes?
4. not moist enough for me, so i have to carry a bottle of teardrop every time i use it
5. love the colour its so eye catching, especially if you wear it outdoor, bright enough to balance with smokey eyes

Note :
1. for 6 months only
2. scale : diameter 14.5mm

fyi : my eye has a slightest brown colour

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