17 November 2011

Review : Bodyshop Flawless Skin Concealer

Love this concealer! It feel so light and not so creamy.
sometimes around my eyes area got a little bit oily during activities,
so i was looking for a concealer that won't leave a sticky feeling around it.
and this flawless skin concealer from Bodyshop really fit my needs :)

the SA in Bodyshop recommend shade no.2 for me,
although first i feel it looks kinda same tone with my skin,
but the SA convince me that's the one match for my "panda" problem.
so bought it and give it a try, and voila ...
can you see the difference with before and after?

this concealer covered for my "dot" & "panda"
love this :)

Note :
- 2.3 gr
- IDR 129.000

you can buy this concealer at nearest Bodyshop outlet

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