22 November 2011

Make Up Project : Glasses Look

Just trying make up for glasses look
using my new foundation from thebodyshop (will review that later)
and combine with pink tone eyeshadow

 for the eyeliner, i make a cat eye wing for drama,
I'm using maybelline 24hour gel eyeliner (super recommend)
half for the bottom, to make make my eye more round
and the other half i put pink e/s. finished it with false lashes.
i really love this lashes so natural and casual.
 btw,see the wooden stick i holding on?
it's a postcard, shape like Taiwan country with iconic illustration all over it.
well designed merchandise for a gift.

practice makes perfect, keep blushing and blending :)



  1. cantik bgt mei.....!!! bnr2 kyk cewe2 korea ato taiwan gt....

    susah ga pake gel eyeliner?

  2. awal2 iya mon, belepotan pake nya.
    tapi akhirnya kebiasaan, malah seneng pake gel eyeliner.

    kaya ngegambar pake cet poster aja

  3. yg maybelline ini dapet kuasnya ga?

  4. cantiikkk mei, sampe pangling... itu ngomong2 bang nya asli rambut lu ato yg wkt itu lu beli? klo yg wkt itu lu beli, nyesel deh gw ga sempet sana buat beli..