26 November 2011

Clio Product from Korea

Have you guys check out CLIO new CF by Lee Hyori?
hope i can find it in my next trip, been so curious about this product.

this CF : Kill Black Eyeliner

Clio pencil Geliner Gelpresso

Make Up Project : Ulzzang Style

짱 (jjang): Korean slang that means "best." Ulzzang means "best face" in Korean and the word is used both online and in real life. Basically, an ulzzang is someone who has a very attractive face, but most people use the term to describe people who have become popular for their looks.

What i know, they usually pose and do make up in same way
using high angle shoot, big circle lens, false eyelashes
and act cute like baby / puppy.

looking for some reference, and here's how i try the ulzzang make up.
remember, the key it's "high angle  position shoot" :D

i think it's failed, more looked liked KO GAL / Gyaru in Japan, LOL
and i forgot to stick out my tounge.

Make Up Project : Casual Smokey

Everyday casual look, a little bit smokey just not to much
this is how i did my make up for casual look.
i'm using urban decay naked palette

oh and i try new lashes here, bought this at Passer Baroe
i think it's around IDR 12.000, easy to apply
and make your eyes instantly looks like a doll.

24 November 2011

Review : Maybelline eye studio long lasting Gel Eye Liner

one word!! SUPERB
i really recommend this product.
bought this gel liner from my previous trip to Taiwan at Watson in Ximenting area.
it's cost me around NTD400. worth it? yessss it so worth it.

Why i love this :
1. intensive black, yet waterproof for all day long (very pigmented)
2. it won't make you look like a "gothic rock star" (doesn't smudge)
3. stay perfectly in your eyes.
4. it came with a small brush in it, easy to use and so soft.
5. small for put it in your purse but a bit of bulky
6. damn cheap comes with a nice packaging
7. waterproof *did i mention that again?? :D

 the last picture i want to show you guys, how i trying to clean it with my finger in rough way,
and the gel liner just make a base for smokey shadow :D , it's stay put unless you try to
clean it with make up remover.

i love how the wing turn out so neat :9

RECOMMEND product :D,
available in Indonesia for IDR 89.000, cheap lah ya.

22 November 2011

Make Up Project : Pink Gold Pakistani Bride

Ha!! entering contest held by facesbysarah *cross finger hope i can win :D
the rules its to recreate one of her tutorial, and btw you should check out her page,
amazing make up artist, she is MUA that using bold and eyecatchy colour
as her signature make up.

Here's the make up that i recreate, it's for Pakistani Bride in Pink Gold smokey look

my camera cannot catch the gold colour, *sighhhhh
planning to get new camera

Makeup ingredients :
skinfood BBcream shade #2 (mushroom)
loose powder from thebodyshop shade #3
eyebrow from thebodyshop
liquid eyeliner from etude "oh my eye" *recommend !!
e/s base : sephora
e/s : mac, bodyshop, sasatine
false lashes : taiwan
eyeliner : Lancome noir Khol
Mascara : maybelline magnum

Practice makes Perfect, Keep Blushing and Blending :D

Make Up Project : Glasses Look

Just trying make up for glasses look
using my new foundation from thebodyshop (will review that later)
and combine with pink tone eyeshadow

 for the eyeliner, i make a cat eye wing for drama,
I'm using maybelline 24hour gel eyeliner (super recommend)
half for the bottom, to make make my eye more round
and the other half i put pink e/s. finished it with false lashes.
i really love this lashes so natural and casual.
 btw,see the wooden stick i holding on?
it's a postcard, shape like Taiwan country with iconic illustration all over it.
well designed merchandise for a gift.

practice makes perfect, keep blushing and blending :)


18 November 2011

Choose the right foundation

i don't know about you guys,
but i find it so hard finding a perfect foundation for me.

"Too much and you look like a clown. Too little and you look unpolished. Very tricky stuff, foundation. Here, answers to all your questions about choosing it, using it—but never abusing it—and looking naturally flawless."

The goal for using foundation is for a flawless face, foundation helps to even out the skin tone and make it smooth by covering light blemishes and scars. Besides making the skin uniform, foundation also adds shine to skin texture making it look glowing and healthy.

So, the questions it's how to choose the right one, without looking like a clown?
1. you need to find out the right formulation for your skin (oily, dry, combination)
2. Select a few colors that seem close to your natural skin tone.
- yellow-based foundations, which look most natural on all skin tones.
- very fair, try a pink, cooler shade.
3. Apply a stroke of up to three colors on a cheek (the inner wrist or hand aren't the best spots, contrary to popular belief). The one that disappears is the right shade.
4. try the colour on your jawline
5. The right shade is one that you can't see because it blends in so well, check it with natural light.

i can't decide, help!!
Go straight to your favourite make up counter for professional help.like i always do :D

17 November 2011

Review : NYX Jumbo Pencil (Pots&Pants - Strawberry Milk)

Last week i went to Plaza Indonesia, searching for this NYX Jumbo Pencil.
i need the milk colour, but it's out of stock, even in EX.
The SA at Glow suggest this Pots&Pants and turned out not bad,
and i also grab this strawberry milk colour.

It cost you IDR 80.000 for each pencil, i try it out on my bare hand
without any primer/foundation on it

Here's the details of the product :

I find it so hard to use, maybe it's my first time using
this kind of pencil/shadow. i try to use it as e/s and the result : cakey.
so i decided to blend it with e/s and turn out so nice.

this jumbo eye pencil it's so pigmented, you can use it to highlight your inner corner
or your brow bone.
here you go, attempt make up trial using nyx jumbo pencil
1. using pots n pans as a base all over my lid
2. adding strawberry milk on the outer corner

3. i decided to put on light purple e/s from etude aloha palette using angle brush

4. after blending the light purple e/s, i put on darker purple to add more definition
5. using the pots&pans for highlight browbone and inner corner
6. put on some eyeliner and false eyelashes

and thats how it's looks like. forgot using honey brown lenses to pop up my eyes :D

Review : Bodyshop Flawless Skin Concealer

Love this concealer! It feel so light and not so creamy.
sometimes around my eyes area got a little bit oily during activities,
so i was looking for a concealer that won't leave a sticky feeling around it.
and this flawless skin concealer from Bodyshop really fit my needs :)

the SA in Bodyshop recommend shade no.2 for me,
although first i feel it looks kinda same tone with my skin,
but the SA convince me that's the one match for my "panda" problem.
so bought it and give it a try, and voila ...
can you see the difference with before and after?

this concealer covered for my "dot" & "panda"
love this :)

Note :
- 2.3 gr
- IDR 129.000

you can buy this concealer at nearest Bodyshop outlet

Make Up Project : Nude eye shadow

first attempt using green mint lens combine with earth tone eyeshadow

Ingredients :
eyeshadow base : Revlon vit C serum
eyeshadow : PAC, 4 palette nude series
liquid eye liner : Etude House, oh my eye liner
mascara : Maybelline Magnum
Foundation : Bodyshop no.2
powder : bodyshop loosepowder no.3

Review : Exoticon softlens Ice N7 Green Mint

I Purchased this soft lens via online, after a long waiting
from this unrecommended seller *will put on that story later.

so here how its look on my eye.

      i used mint

So here's my verdict :
1. cheap, only IDR 69.000
2. kinda difficult to wear it, i guess the lens kinda mushy/fluffy, so i find it so hard to put it on
3. can't wear too long, makes my eyes feel tired *can you see the redness in my eyes?
4. not moist enough for me, so i have to carry a bottle of teardrop every time i use it
5. love the colour its so eye catching, especially if you wear it outdoor, bright enough to balance with smokey eyes

Note :
1. for 6 months only
2. scale : diameter 14.5mm

fyi : my eye has a slightest brown colour

16 November 2011

Review : Elizabeth Arden, High Shine Lip Gloss

Bought this lovely lip gloss in Malaysia airport for RM30.
well, in short I'm in love with this lip gloss, so i want to share with all of you.

what i like about this lip gloss :
- i don't fell anything weird on my lips
- didn't get that itchy feeling
- feel so light on my lips

you don't even have to put a lipstick on your lips,
just apply directly, and you are ready to go.
i choose no 16, Berrylicious, not to bright and not to pale.
and match perfectly with my favorite blush on (will review it later)

and here's how its look like on my lips,


Review : Skin Food - BB Cream (Mushroom)

So, today i'm gonna review BB cream that i used for almost a year now,
i'm using Skin Food BBcream - Mushroom Multi Care SPF 20 PA+

It has triple function :
- whitening
- anti aging
- sun block

made in korea, 50gr

i really like this BB cream texture, it comes in 2 shade, #1 and #2,
for darker skin you can use the #2.

you can use this product as base without using any powder on it.
and you wont have this oily or sticky feeling around your face.
well has a bit weird mushroom smell, but after you apply it,
slowly the smell will fade away.

and this cream contains :
- skin friendly aloe
- mushroom extract (source of the weird smell :) )
- Adenosine
- Arbutin : help to improve the appearance of fine lines & promotes a brighter
- give more radiant complexion
- UV protection

How much   : IDR 300.000
Repurchase : Yes
Where         : all Skin Food Outlet

Susan Chan : Gyaru Project

So, this is my friend, Susan Chan
also a make up junkie :D,
i learn a lot from her.

few days ago i did mention to her,
that how this gyaru make up spreading like a disease nowadays.
and she accept the challenge to doing gyaru make up
when i show her this gyaru tutorial i found on you-tube
so here's you go, gyaru make up according to her style.

 Her casual look

Gyaru Hime!!!

White Ribbon Heel : Heat Wave

Finally i found it,
been looking for this cute shoes around this year,
love the ribbon accent. don't you think it's so cute?

it's heatwave shoes,
and recently become my favorite brand
i just got another pair, will post it later.

how much for this lovely pair of shoes?
it only cost me 149.000 (viva discount!!)

Make Up Project : Hollywood Glamour

Last Saturday, we kidnapped this fine lady
to become our canvas for this week.
she is a mother of 3 y/o boy, and an organ teacher.


After Make Up Session

make up by : Aling (by appointment)
photography by : Pygmalion Fashion
Accessories by : Pygmalion Fashion (limited, only one piece)
Wardrobe : model's collection
Model : Jeanne Novianna

Make Up Ingredients :
Base : SK-II treatment essence
Foundation : Skin food BB-cream aloe Vera #2
Concealer : Bobbi Brown concealer kit
Eye Primer : Urban Decay
Eye Shadow : Mac + NYX
Liquid eyeliner : Revlon
Pencil : Lancome noir kohl
Brow Pencil : Etude, brow shape
Powder : thebodyshop loose powder #3
highlight : Sasatine by Sasa
false eyelashes : taiwan import
Lipstick : Revlon matte nude color
Lip gloss : thebodyshop