13 September 2014

Beauty Blogger MeetUp Event

Biggest blogger event on September 27 2014
organized by blogger to blogger itself
LIMITED 20 Bloggers only

for RSVP or Sponsorship/proposal
kotakpos.mei @gmail.com

update : SOLD OUT within 6 hours launching!!

if you are companies and interested join our next event
please drop email and we'll response ASAP

04 September 2014

Omorose : BB Stick & Rosey Glow Review

Holla! been a while but i'm back with a recommended product review!
Make up line from Malaysia and founded by Pauline and Terry in 1999
Inspire by the stunning wall paintings at the Valley of the Queens 
depicting ancient queens and deities in makeup then, born Omorose.

Omorose means beautiful in ancient Egyptian. They decided to put on that name
as a momentum when they are embarking on a business venture 
back then when their travel to Egypt.
Omorose products use only natural preservatives where needed, without using parabens and phenoxyethanol. It's also a cruelty-free brand & they conducts no animal testing.

Omorose products :

27 August 2014

Baby Needs Review : Sebamed, Bebe Rosie and Mother Care

So since I have a baby now i'll blog a bit about my baby needs and review it.
Hope it'll help newbie mommie in search for their baby needs :)
remember : sharing is caring

 in case you don't know, let me introduce you my little angel 
Kayla Ang Dinata : She's 4 months old now

As an amateur mommy or newbie mommy, I tend to look best product for her.
unfortunately I can't find a blog that review specific goods for baby needs.
I have to read several blog, forum, article etc in order to find the suitable products.
and sometimes those review helps a lot, so i hope this review might help too.

All this product tried, tested based on real testimony.
well not from Kayla, but from my point of view. This 5 products are her basic needs
from the first day until now, some works magically and some are not.

So let's break them down one by one shall we :

02 August 2014

PygmalionLand Japan Beauty Trip with KBJ & HIS Tour Travel

Oogenki des ka Mina San? Watashiwa Meilani des, Doozo Yoroshiku 
(apa kabar semua? hai saya Meilani, senang bertemu dengan kalian)

Jepang, tidak pernah saya merasa bosan berangan-angan untuk kembali mengunjungi negeri sakura ini. Negara yang dijuluki matahari terbit ini merupakan negara kepulauan di Asia Timur, bertetangga langsung dengan Tiongkok, Korea dan Rusia dan bisa juga disebut 日本 Nippon atau Nihon. 

Merupakan negara yang masih menganut sistem kekaisaran hingga saat ini dan dengan semangat bushido-nya yang tinggi, mereka selalu berhasil melewati berbagai kemalangan dengan tabah 
seperti tsunami yang terjadi beberapa tahun yang lalu serta beberapa kejadian bencana alam yang selalu mengintai mereka. Walau dengan cobaan yang begitu besar seperti ini mampu berkembang dengan cepat dan hebat, baik dari segi kreativitas, seni maupun ekonomi. Salut!

25 June 2014

Etude : Bling in the Sea Color Eye Stick Review

Etude oh Etude, ga pernah gagal dengan kampanye kosmetiknya. Pasti pada setuju deh, setelah sukses dengan secret recipe kemarin, Bling in the Sea merupakan summer makeup di tahun 2013, well i know it's kinda late to review this baby, but i have the urge to share with you guys. What i love most it's their :
Proof 10 Bling in the Sea Color Eye Stick

why? because it's 
AFFORDABLE *murah cyin ga sampai 100K

and as a extra benefit for this color eye stick, it's easy to blend since the texture were so creamy. It's also has a built in sponge to help us blend this shadow. I got BR401 : Tanning Brown, since it's my fave color and wearable for day and night makeup.